Sewing Projects & Sock Puppets

We have had two really staunch volunteers for all sewing projects, who not only come in every Monday, but also come armed with some extremely well thought out, age appropriate projects, that are adapted across ages 6 through 11. They not only came every Monday the past school year, they told me they would come again this year.  They think through all of their projects, plan their fabric, the stitches and work extremely well with each of the students, no matter what age or ability.

Some of last year’s projects are:

15 - 1 (1)

Quilt made up of 4 sub quilts with a Halloween theme. These are patches that students sewed on and decorated as they pleased.

15 - 2 (1)

Quilt with an Eiffel Tower pattern for the Silent Auction.

15 - 3 (1)

Multi-purpose bag

Today Carole and Rosemary decided to make sock puppets with the students.

They first had the students watch this video:

15 - 1

Carole with her sample sock puppet

Carole and Rosemary

Both the awesome volunteers

They then guided the students through the various steps, moreso, the younger ones with cutting.

Students flocked to get puppets done

Students flocked to get puppets done

15 - 4

15 - 5

15 - 6

15 - 7

Proud Grade 4 student with her finished product

Proud Grade 4 student with her finished product

15 - 9

The exhausted twosome at the end of the session with the supplies!

The beauty of a project like this is as follows:

  1. Following step by step directions on how to …
  2. Cutting of fabric and paper very specifically
  3. Sewing and gluing (2 and 3 great for fine motor skills
  4. Writing or making a how to video about the process
  5. Using the puppets thereafter for any language based activity that can engage and motivate students while building a connection.

Kudos to Carole and Rosemary for making such projects accessible to our students.


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