We have had many visitors in the past two years. We believe knowledge and information should be free and freely shared. We all learn from each other in addition to the students acquiring life skills: talking to adults, learning to give guided tours…. articulating their knowledge, passion and learning. Following are visitors we have had either because they want to start up a Makerspace or believe in Maker Education or are in the area and like to check out various Makerspaces.

Outside the District:

Palo Alto Unified School District:                                   

The Superintendent of the PAUSD, Addison Elementary,  Duveneck Elementary,Fairmeadow Elementary,    Greendell Pre-School,    Hoover Elementary,    JLS Middle School,Jordan Middle School,  Juana Briones Elementary,  Nixon Elementary,  Ohlone Elementary, Palo Verde Elementary, PiE Board Members, Walter Hays Elementary,STEAM Inquiry Group,  Tech Lead Teachers Group,  Various teachers across the district for workshops